Art + RESTorative Justice: Writing Works (Wednesdays 5:30PM-7:30PM)

Creative Writing, Spoken Word, Professional Development, Healing and Performance 

Open Mic Collage 2

Art + REST-orative Justice: Writing Works
is produced  for dedicated South Side High school and college students who enjoy creative writing. This course sets an environment for youth/teen healing. Focusing on socio-political movements, guided meditation, formal writing development and healing by way of the arts. This Teen Program integrates text in all its forms through studies of art history and social justice, it also explores documented protest and resistance through a lens of contemporary text media. In this program students will develop written and performative voice while producing public events with some of Chicago's leading poets and performers.

Teaching Artists: Rhonda Wheatley and Jasmine Barber

Writing Works  members must be currently enrolled in a south side high school or freshmen in college (Ages 14 - 21), in good standing with the school, and able to adhere to the Hyde Park Art Center Safe Space Rules and Regulations.

Fall session begins October 11, 2017!

For more information about Writing WorksArt and RESTorative Justice: Writing Works 2017-18 please contact Teen Program Manager Joshua Slater at

Lead Sponsors:
All Cogh Grad Hor Rgb Pos  The Reva and David Logan Foundation