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Hyde Park Art Center's Teaching Artists are committed to learning. They are practicing artists who devote part of their careers to education and help develop new course ideas to build on existing ones. The Art Center's faculty meet quarterly and are an important part of not just the education programs, but also the overall community. 

Current Teaching Artists

Dawn Brennan

Dawn received an MFA from the University of Chicago Midway Studios and a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute. She has teaching experience at Evanston Art Center, University of Chicago, and College of DuPage. She has most recently exhibited at Oakton Community College's Koehnline Museum, ARC Gallery, South Suburban College's Lee Dulgar Gallery, and the Lincoln Park Branch of the Chicago Public Library.

Elke Claus

Elke received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her BFA from Rutgers University. She has teaching experience at Gallery 37, Anchor Graphics, and Suburban Fine Arts Center. She has exhibited locally and internationally and is the recipient of Artist Residencies at Anchor Graphics and Columbia College Book and Paper Center, as well as a CAAP Grant from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.

Marian Castro-Palanyk

Marian is a ceramic artist who focuses on functional and decorative pottery made from porcelain or terra cotta. She has teaching experience in the Chicago Public Schools and art centers including Lill Street, Terra Incognito and Hinsdale Center for the Arts. She currently has a studio at Lill Street Art Center in Chicago and sells work in Illinois, Michigans and Wisconsin. Marian has a degree in Art Education from Chicago State University.

William Estrada

William received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and holds a Special 10 K-12 Certification from the State of Illinois. He has worked with grass-roots organizations for the past 8 years and continues to participate in various community projects in the Chicago area. Wiliam works as an artist-in-residence at Telpochcalli Elementary School through C.A.P.E. and various community schools through HPAC, Pros Arts Studios, and A.R.T.

David Anthony Geary

David Anthony Geary is an artist working in a variety of mediums. His visual training took place in New Orleans, LA at Xavier University. After finishing his studies, he remained in this uniquely attractive city to absorb as much of its great culture and heritage as he could. Communicating his perspective of the world around him through a visual language, he became fluent in many dialects of visual art. Building a career as an artist, an educator, as well as a family in New Orleans, has greatly influenced his work both visually and conceptually. The community of Evanston and the greater Chicago-land area, which he now calls home, serves as a great source of inspiration to add to his palette. Visually his work may incorporate painting, printmaking, collage, assemblage, sculpture or photography. Whatever communicates the idea best, sometimes that's all of them.

Rodrigo Lara Zendejas

Rodrigo Lara was born and raised in different cities in Mexico. In 2003 he received his BFA from Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico, with the highest honors, Summa Cum Laude where he majored in Sculpture. In 2011 he moved to Chicago and received his MFA in 2013 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a James Nelson Raymond Fellowship. Lara's work has been represented in galleries from Mexico, Argentina and the United States, as well as shown extensively in Mexico, the US, Canada, Europe and China. Among several solo exhibitions, Lara had a retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, in the State of Mexico and has won several grants, awards and distinctions including “John W. Kurtich Travel Scholarship” Berlin and Kassel Germany, and also the “National Prize of Visual Arts” 1st Place in Sculpture, 2010 in Mexico. His work has been published in magazines in Mexico, Spain, the US, Australia and Brazil.

Candice Latimer

Candice Latimer has been at the Art Center since 2004, when she began working in our darkroom, which she continues to manage to this day. In addition, she now assists in the ceramics studio, as well as teaches youth courses in a variety of media. Candice has exhibited installations in Built Festival, Art on Track, and the South Shore Art Festival. Currently she’s got a handful of artist books traveling the country as a part of the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project. Candice received her BFA from SAIC in 2011, and is an Innovation Fellow with the MSI/NSF Art of Science Learning.

Randall Miller

Randall Miller is a painter and writer originally from Pittsburgh, PA. He received his MFA from San Francisco Art Institute in 2009, his BFA from Penn State University in 2004, and completed the Post-Baccalaureate program at Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art in Pont-Aven, France. Randall lives and works in Chicago.

Sarah Nishiura

Received her MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and has been exhibiting her work in galleries internationally for over 15 years, including SACI Gallery in Florence and Inside Arts in Chicago. Although she works in textile and fabric at HPAC, she has experience with a variety of media, including printmaking and painting.

Katie Romans

Katie Romans is a creative and dedicated teaching artist that takes pride in sharing her ideas and skills with children and youth throughout the city of Chicago. Active primarily in painting, photography, and mixed media, Katie draws inspiration from nature, urban surroundings, and people who make an impact in her life. She's eager to create and understand the connections between her teaching practices and her art making practices to further her engagement in the art education realm. Katie believes art is essential in every child's life, and she strives to create the opportunities for them to express themselves visually. Katie has studied Art Education at ASU and SAIC, and has taught in a variety of settings including the South Side Community Art Center, Marwen, Hyde Park Art Center, and the Field Museum.

Amina Ross

Amina Ross is a visual artist, writer and community organizer currently enrolled at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is committed to creating spaces that foster thinking, conversation, growth and love. Her ambitions manifest themselves in the founding of the 3rd Language queer art collective, which uses curation, publication and community outreach as vehicles for challenging discourse.

Hardy Schlick

MFA, University of Chicago, studied with Ruth Duckworth and Hiroake Morino. Teaching experience includes adult and children’s ceramic classes at the Hyde Park Art Center for over 25 years, the South Side Arts Partnership, the Bridgeport Partnership, and the Hyde Park Art Center’s community outreach programs.

Suzanne Sebold-Suso

BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. MA in Education, Northeastern Illinois University. Director of Arts Across the Atlantic. Has also taught at Gallery 37, Chicago Public Schools, and the Chicago Park District. Received Community Arts Assistance Program Award, and exhibits locally.

Mary Tepper

Mary Cat. Tepper is a Visual Artist, Educator and Cultivator. Mary Cat. earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts from The School of the Art a Institute of Chicago with additional studies at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI and Nottingham Polytechnic Institute, Nottingham, England. Mary Cat. has a background in drawing and painting and works at Dripping Water Studio in a variety of media including handmade paper, sculpture and clay. Mary Cat's work has been exhibited and acquired by public institutions and private collections including: Galeria La Sala, Santiago, Chile; Estudio Taller Fuster, Havana, Cuba; Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Houston, TX; Morgan Conservatory, Cleveland, OH; Crane Museum of Paper Making, Dalton, MA, Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Arts; with multiple murals in Chicago Public Schools.

Udita Upadhyaya

Udita Upadhyaya is an interdisciplinary artist who uses her body as a primary material for making. Her work spans live art, devised theatre, performative photographs, sculpture, installation, video, writing, text, and fiber arts. Upadhyaya works with the principles of Vipassana meditation to uncover the trajectories of desire, craving, trauma, shame and their many intersections. Upadhyaya studied International Relations and Film Production at Boston University before obtaining an MFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She also has an MBA from S.P.Jain Institute for Management and Research, Mumbai, following which she investigated the rise of materialism, labor and urban migration in the rural community in western India. This experience informs her research and community based approach to creative practice.

Upadhyaya teaches interdisciplinary studio and artistic research classes in the Department of Contemporary Practices and the Department of Continuing Studies of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She also teaches at Poetry Pals, a unique initiative committed to interfaith dialogue and community.

Upadhyaya is the current recipient of a Teaching Artist Studio Residency at the Hyde Park Art Center, and is working on a collaborative residency in live art, Set Free, at Links Hall, Chicago IL.

Jessi T. Walsh

Jessi is an interdisciplinary performer who investigates the concept of gesture through movement, sculpture and sound/video. She creates peepshows concerning the grotesque and the cyclical nature of human behavior. She co-curates Scary Movie Party, bringing handmade horror films to Chicago since 2004. She may or may not be in a German New Wave band called MIT GAS. She works on local indie films doing production design, costume and special effects makeup. She investigates motion in her threadbare movement series. Her background in marine biology compels her to treat the classroom as a mad scientist art-making laboratory. She holds a BFA in Studio Art from FSU in 1996 and is an MA candidate in Interdisciplinary Arts at Columbia College Chicago. 

Julian Williams

Julian Williams received both a BFA and MFA in painting and drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Williams taught Drawing I, and Figure Drawing I and II at Columbia College Chicago. Presently, he teaches Watercolor at Hyde Park Art Center; and Drawing I and Intro to the Visual Arts at Chicago State University. Williams primarily works in watercolor, using various themes such as portraiture, landscapes and still life’s. Julian is also quite adept in other mediums as well such as oil, acrylic, charcoal and graphite. Julian exhibits his work locally and across the United States.

Former Teaching Artists

Ani Afshar
Alison Balcanoff
Alice Baum
Bradley Biancardi

Lee Blalock

Michelle Bolinger
Erin Burk
Ruth Busch
Tim Branson
Paola Cabal
Holly Cahill
Sergio Ceron
Elizabeth Chisholm
Linda Cohn
Carrie Cooper
Ollie Dantzler
Melanie Dorson
Shawn Dubay
Meredith Eastburn
Adam Ekberg
Megan Euker
Brad Farwell

Delores Fortuna
Dan Gamble
Theaster Gates
Maria Gaspar
Aron Gent
Daniel Godston
Ada Rima Grybauskas
Katy Hollander
Roxane Hopper
Amanda Innis
Brian Johnson
Sarah Johnston
Katherine Jost
Sarah Kaiser
James Kao
Alessandra Kelley
Friedhard Kiekeben
Mie Kongo
Basia Krol
Kirstin Leenaars
Anna Lehner
Katharine Lion
Debbie Lekousis
Jessica Lowery
Frank Maugeri
Helen McElroy
Krystal Meisel
Carol F. Mason Metzger
Justine Nagan
Nicole Nava

Tim Nickodemus
Ahmed Ozsever
Darrell Roberts
Kean Sea Park
Meg Peterson
Mark Phillips
Emily Pick
Karen Plater
Anna Ressman
Valerie Richards
Kelly Rider
Olivia Schreiner
Mary Serbe
Laura Shaeffer

Sam Sharpe
Mark Siska
Deb Sokolow
Martin Soto
Allison Spicer
Ryan Swanson

Aurora Tabar
Ann Toebbe

Anthony Trinchera

David Trost
Ben Turcotte
Shoshanna Utchenik
Omar Vera
Valerie Wallace
Joel Wanek
Dale Washington
Ivan Watkins
Mark Werle
Rachel Welling
Justin Witte
Rebecca Zemans