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Hyde Park Art Center's Education programs are designed to strengthen skills, grow artists, and cultivate sense of community. 

Hyde Park Art Center ensures that any person interested or talented in the arts has a pathway and support system to nurture their talents—from the child showing artistic promise to the professional artist looking to explore new directions in his or her practice. By providing visual arts education opportunities and resources for people of all interests, backgrounds, and skill levels, the Art Center cultivates the next generation of Chicago artists and art supporters.

Introducing our new Community-Supported Programs  for youth and families! What does it mean to be community-supported? In place of a set tuition price, we ask that students and families contribute what you're able. A suggested tuition donation may be made online or on the first day of class and goes directly to cover costs associated with the program.​ Any contribution in excess of the suggested donation helps cover the costs of fellow students and families for whom tuition would be cost-prohibitive.

At Hyde Park Art Center you will find out-of-school youth classes for a range of younger students, which typically meet after school or on Saturdays. We also work with schools to design and carry out meaningful field trip experiences which explore our galleries as well as art making inside of our studio classrooms. Finally, outside of the Art Center, we work with many schools (south side and beyond) to place Teaching Artists inside of classrooms for up to 30 weeks, to teach visual arts and support school curricular goals. These Teaching Artist residencies are the core part of our Outreach Programs.

Our Teen Programs offer tuition-free opportunities for south side youth to develop in an environment supported by teaching artists, alumni, staff and their peers.  Teen Photo + 2D Exploration (photography) offers a platform for 2D photography students to explore printing, digital editing (Photoshop), classical photography training as well as critique experience. Art + Restorative Justice (Networking and Mysticism) offers engaging opportunities for students to learn meditation, community building and development in writing also generating spaces for youth healing through the arts. Artshop (independent projects) and Youth Art Board (group projects) are designed for the dedicated youth student looking for more exposure to the art world and all it's opportunities. For more information, read about our teen programs from the perspective of one of our Artshop and Youth Art Board alum, Isiah Benson, in our Winter 2014 Newsletter (PDF).  

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