The Jackman Goldwasser Residency


Máximo González - July 16 - August 31, 2010


Originally from Argentina, where he studied at the Institute of Art Josefina Conte in Corrientes, González moved to Mexico City in 2003. Best known for creating intricate murals and collaged sculptures playfully created using non-circulating paper currency. His work explores the life cycle of domestic goods: what happens when these items have been discarded and possibilities for recycling and re-purposing. González says, “I use all this energy and these ideas and make another art structure; in other words, I recycle all these materials and ideas and build a new concept, a new language, to express new ideas and, finally, new reflections.” More recently, he has worked across media to produce sculptures, paintings, installations, and digital works, still using and manipulating found or borrowed materials, expanding an interest in currency to larger questions surrounding value, markets, and alternative economies.

Philippe Durand - June 22 - July 12, 2010

Portrait Philippe

Durand's primary artistic interest is in the ways in which public space is occupied, organized and altered by man and nature. His photographs trace the quizzical expressions that result in cities, particularly reflecting on how motor vehicles structure the urban landscape and how this mode of transport might be transformed. For fifteen years, Durand has photographed cars in the built and natural environment, and his images ask us to consider (and reconsider) the transportation industry’s ability to shape and define public space. Durand seeks an understanding of how people must adapt to navigate and survive within the modern city. The artist currently teaches at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, France and is represented by Galerie Laurent Godin (Paris).

Judd Morrissey and Mark Jeffery - February 18, 2010 - March 20, 2011

Mark And Judd

Judd Morrissey and Mark Jeffery are Chicago-based artists merging digital literary practices and performance. The art work they create together is visual, textual and choreographic and evolves through context-specific research and practice. Morrissey and Jeffery always consider the constraints of a given venue or occasion when making a work. Site- responsive considerations include the performance/exhibition/production space as well as the local community and (online) textual activity happening within the locale, such as in Twitter. For Morrissey and Jeffery, a given piece is a body of material that may have no singular fixed form but is alternately or simultaneously presented as internet art, durational live installation or a performance of fixed length. Their work attempts to engage the flux of contemporary, networked culture and to contain a complex diversity of material within rigorously defined forms and structures.