PUBLIC SCHOOL Open House with Project Fielding

Hyde Park Art Center is hosting an Open House with 3 public activities!

● Explore the exhibition PUBLIC SCHOOL with artists Jim Duignan and Rachel Harper. While settled inside the community workshop space operated by artists engaged in progressive art and teaching practices, designed by the artists in collaboration with the broader local community, participate in an ongoing dialogue about the role of self-education practices in the pursuit of social justice, and create a contribution for the Chicago Read/Write Library archive by Nell Taylor, housed within the exhibition. 

● Jackman Goldwasser Artist Resident, Bianca Bernardo will join the discussion sharing her experience as an artist, educator and Pedagogic Coordinator at Museu Bispo do Rosário Arte Contemporânea in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

● What is Resistance Architecture? Project Fielding  discusses their design/build structure that is responsive to our current political climate and can be erected in direct response to the needs of long-term protesters. Built by women and gender non-conforming carpenters of all levels, their structures travel to sites of resistance. For the Open House, Jackman Goldwasser Artist Resident, Sara Black hosts her Project Fielding co-founders, Amber Ginsburg and Miriam Stevens in assembling a piece of Resistance Architecture, while inviting the public to help.

Project Fielding was founded by Sara Black, Billy Dee, Amber Ginsburg, Miriam Stevens and Donesha Thompson and now includes Caroline Robe and Lia Rousset.

This open house is presented in conjunction with Open Engagement, an annual three-day conference discussing the role of social engaged art in contemporary society. Open Engagement 2017 is centered around the theme of Justice, exploring strategies artists use to create justice within their communities as well as the methods utilized to critique injustices within our culture. In our current political climate, and especially in Chicago, a city plagued by gun violence, police brutality and public school closures, the investigation of this theme proves necessary.