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About Hyde Park Art Center



Kate Lorenz Executive Director 3x5 2
Kate Lorenz
Executive Director

Ext. 1008
Email Kate: klorenz@hydeparkart.org

Hilesh Patel Deputy Director 3x5
Hilesh Patel

Deputy Director
Ext. 1021
Email Hilesh: hpatel@hydeparkart.org

Eileen Truong Finance And Operations Manager 3x5 2
Eileen Truong

Finance & Operations Manager
Ext. 1016
Email Eileen: etruong@hydeparkart.org


Mike Nourse Director Of Education
Mike Nourse
Director of Education

Ext. 1005
Email Mike: mnourse@hydeparkart.org

Joshua Slater Teen Programs Manager 3x5
Joshua Slater
Teen Programs Manager

Email Slater: jslater@hydeparkart.org

Gregory Smith Outreach Programs Manager 3x5
Gregory Smith
Outreach Programs Manager

Ext. 1002
Email Gregory: gsmith@hydeparkart.org

Jen Tremblay Director Of Schools And Studios 3x5 2
Jeannette Tremblay
Director of School & Studios
Ext. 1007
Email Jen: jtremblay@hydeparkart.org


Allison Peters Quinn Director Exhibition Residency
Allison Peters Quinn
Director of Exhibitions & Residency Programs

Ext. 1010
Email Allison: aquinn@hydeparkart.org

Megha Ralapati Residency And Special Projects Manager 3x5
Megha Ralapati
Residency & Special Projects Manager
Ext. 1001
Email Megha: mralapati@hydeparkart.org

Ariel Gentalen Residency Coordinator 3x5
Ariel Gentalen
Residency Coordinator

Email Ariel: agentalen@hydeparkart.org

Peter Reese Preparator And Installation Technician 3x5 2
Peter Reese
Preparator & Installation Technician

Ext. 1004
Email Peter: preese@hydeparkart.org


Aaron Rodgers Development Director 3x5
Aaron Rodgers
Director of Development
Ext. 1022
Email Aaron: arodgers@hydeparkart.org

Maria Nelson Development Associate 3x5
Maria Nelson
Manager of Individual Giving
Ext. 1014
Email Maria mnelson@hydeparkart.org

Raquel Iglesias Development Associate 3x5 4
Raquel Iglesias
Development Associate, Institutional Giving
Ext. 1012
Email Raquel riglesias@hydeparkart.org


Michelle Nordemeyer Facilities Manager 3x5

Michelle Nordmeyer
Facilities Manager

Email Michelle: mnordmeyer@hydeparkart.org

Lauren Leving Exhibtions Intern 3x5

Lauren Leving - Interim Marketing Coordinator

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