About 77 Years Cover

About Hyde Park Art Center

Celebrating 77 years of Chicago Art & Artists

For the last 77 years, the Hyde Park Art center has been building around the communities we are located. We have grown from a small group moving from space to space, to an established institution recognized for being a unique and compelling art center in Chicago.
The Art Center provides our communities and the artists within them support through education, events, critical dialogues, exhibitions, and professional development at all ages and stages.

Pathways Program

The Pathways Program is our commitment that all K-8 students in our communities have access to a high quality arts education, supporting individual and community development.

Teen & Young Adult Programs

The Teen and Young Adult Programs strengthens our surrounding communities by providing young people with the tools for self-expression, civic participation, and leadership development at a pivotal time in their lives.

Public Programs

Public Programs provide a platform and space for artists, community members, and peer organizations to collaborate and contribute to civic dialogue and social awareness.

Oakman Clinton School & Studios

The Oakman Clinton School & Studios serve nearly 2,000 students annually with more than 200 courses across the visual arts.

Teaching Artists

By hiring artists active in their fields, the Art Center supports the life cycle of artists throughout their careers from emerging to established, while advocating for and supporting the community of teaching artists more broadly.

Professional Development for Working Artists

The Center, Bridge, and Visual Arts Certificate Programs at the Art Center develop the skills, experience, and community of artists at diverse stages of their careers. Through studio practice, critical dialogue, guidance from arts professionals, and opportunities to exhibit work, these programs support artists in effectively communicating their ideas and questions while navigating the business of art.

Jackman Goldwasser Residency

The Jackman Goldwasser Residency provides a platform for international, national, and local artists to have freedom in exploring their work and engaging in creative risk taking.


The Art Center’s Exhibitions program has an established legacy of showing powerful, high-quality contemporary work from artists who take creative risks in their practice—launching artists’ careers at critical moments.