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About Hyde Park Art Center

Hyde Park Art Center 

Since its inception in 1939, the Hyde Park Art Center has grown from a small collective of quirky artists to establishing a strong legacy of innovative development and emerging as a unique Chicago institution. The Art Center’s first executive director, noted painter Harold Hayden, established the tone when he declared: 

“Art should be found where people work and live.” 

As Chicago’s only visual arts organization dedicated to ensuring that Chicago is a place where artists can practice and flourish, the Art Center continues to sustain this foundational spirit.


1939 - The Fifth Ward Art Guild aka The Hyde Park Art Center is founded by artist volunteers

1940 - The Guild officially changes it name to the Hyde Park Art Center

1957 - "Knowing that the Art Center existed as part of the whole scene just contributed to the belief that the arts were a normal and fundamental part of life." - Bruce Thorn

1968 - The Art Center exhibits Non-Plussed Some ushering in a new wave of Chicago Imagists and builds a bridge for future Imagist creations

1969 - 30 by 30 by 30 is the Art Center's 30 year celebration show

1970 - "the most interesting Chicago art is most often seen at the HPAC" - Franz Schulze

1973 - More classes are added for youth and adults Monday through Friday 

1984 - The Art Center begins its first Outreach program eventually extending to parks, community centers, retirement homes and schools on the South and West Side

1994 - The Art Center celebrates it's 55th Anniversary 

1995 - Not Just Another Pretty Face becomes an Art Center tradition, matching artists with patrons, revealing commissioned work in a community setting 

1998 - Cited by the Clinton Administration as one of 16 nonprofit organizations that could be used as a model for working with vulnerable youth 

2006 - The Art Center moves in at 5020 S Cornell Ave, the first free-standing home the art Center has had in its history. 

2014 - The Art Center celebrates it's 75th Anniversary

2016 - Hyde Park Art Center is recognized with the MacArthur Creative and Effective Institutions Award

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